Sydney Dondlinger

Sydney is a senior studying Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Eagan, MN. Currently, she serves as the UROC President and as a UROC Senator for Student Government. This will be her second year serving as a UROC member and Senator. She is a member of the ISUPD Student Advisory Board Member and also is a proctor at the ISU Testing Centers. In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends and family and watch Netflix. 

Goal: Sydney’s goals for this upcoming year are to grow membership within UROC and to create a stronger presence on campus through events on and off campus. She wants students to be aware of UROC and how it can serve as both a resource they can utilize and a community they can become part of. 

Vice President

Analese Hauber

My name is Analese Hauber and I am your UROC Vice President for the 2019/2020 academic year. This year, I am a senior, majoring in Political Science and minoring in English and Spanish. 

In the past, I have been involved in the Inter-Residence Hall Association (IRHA) as a representative for Buchanan Residence Hall, Student Government as a United Residents Off-Campus senator, and the Vice President of UROC last year as well. I am passionate about residency issues and rights as student residents/renters.

Goals: My primary goals for this year are to expand UROC’s effectiveness as an organization and resource to students. I hope to make us more visible on campus (and off-campus) so that folks can utilize UROC as a resource and create a more cohesive, connected off-campus community. 

Treasurer & Webmaster

Kaitlyn Roling

Kaitlyn is a senior in Chemical Engineering from DeWitt, Iowa. This is her first year as a UROC Senator, but has previously been engaged with Student Government as an At-Large for Student Initiatives Committee and as the Clerk for the Senate. Kaitlyn is also currently serving as the Student Initiatives Committee Chair for this session.

Goals: Increase awareness of UROC as an aid to students, as well as find new programs to engage off-campus students with campus life.


Hayat Sumael

Hayat is a sophomore in Criminal Justice Studies and Political Science with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. She is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and she is heavily involved on campus, including being a UROC Senator. She is excited to work with everyone and represent the community, in which I have been elected into.

Goals: Two of her main goals this semester for UROC are letting the people who live off-campus know that they have a voice on campus. She also wants to have events where we can have people off-campus come together and meet their representatives and get to know their community, so we as representatives know who we are representing.

UROC Senator

Noah Heasley

Hi all, my name is Noah Heasley, and I am a junior in Computer Science. This is my second year as a Student Government Senator, so I will do my best to serve you all. One goal that I have for this year is to help off-campus students feel more at home while at ISU. Whether that is by having events specifically for off-campus students or passing bills that positively affect off-campus students.

UROC Senator

Jacob Schrader

Jacob is from Sioux Center, Iowa. He is a Junior in Economics and Political Science. This will be his first year as a UROC Senator in Student Government, having been an IRHA Senator for 2 years prior. Jacob is also the Vice-Speaker of the Student Government Senate.

Goal: Make UROC and Student Government easier to understand and more efficient to enable more students to be involved.

UROC Senator

Matthew Klaes

Matthew is from Osage, Iowa and is a Junior at Iowa State studying Chemistry and Political Science. He is excited to work on Student Government Senate to help improve Iowa State and work with the other UROC senators to amplify the voices of off-campus students!

Goal: Matthew hopes to get more students involved and aware of UROC as UROC is the voice for all the off-campus students.

UROC Senator

Dustin Reis

Dustin is a am a part time LAS Student who is openly gay and happy to be serving as a UROC Senator this year. In his free time, he enjoys being around his friends and family. He also enjoys playing the piano and singing, and spending time with his dog Beethoven

Goals: Listening to all students’ concerns and ideas to make Iowa State a better place to be and to be the best Senator that he can be.

UROC At-Large

Ian Steenhoek

Ian Steenhoek is a senior at Iowa State studying Journalism, with a double minor in Performing Arts and German! In his three years on UROC, Ian has served as Campustown Senator, UROC Senator, as well as having previously served as UROC’s president and with a brief stint as treasurer! Outside of UROC, Ian is involved with ISU Theatre, the Office of Admissions as a Student Admissions Representative, and with the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences as a LAS Ambassador. Ian’s primary goal has been to increase safety on and off-campus. This year, Ian also hopes to increase the reputation and notoriety of UROC so that we may better serve students! You’ll often find Ian in the MU or serving at Buffalo Wild Wings. In his free time, he’ll often play ukulele, hop on Xbox, or just catch up on sleep.